Hypnosis for Traders and Pyschology on Financial Trading


There are numerous reasons why a person can struggle with trading. Trading can be very isolating and challenging at times, and so it is vital to have the right mindset if you are to succeed.

Hypnosis for Traders with Louise Nonweiler

Hypnosis for Traders

Hypnosis is an extremely effective therapy for traders. Trading, like most things is at least 90% psychology. If a person has a limiting belief or is holding onto any fears, it may cause problems, not only when trading but in general.


Trading Mindset Programme



The Trading Mindset Programme (TMP) is a 20 week programme for professional traders. It works on the mindset, emotions and psychology of trading.



Hypnosis for Traders is a Multi Award Winning Company based in the UK. Louise is the founder of Hypnosis for Traders and the creator of the Trading Mindset Programme (TMP).

Multi Award-Winning Hypnotherapist and Life Coach Louise, sees many financial traders in the UK and Internationally. She has a very high success rate helping traders for all types of trading. This includes; forex, stocks and shares, cryptocurrency and investing. She also works with individuals from trading companies and large financial corporations.