Are you finding trading a challenge?

Do you find it impossible to stick to your trading plan?

Are fears and emotions taking over when you trade?

Do you keep repeating the same mistakes?



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The psychology of trading


A large percentage of traders struggle with their mindset and emotions when trading. You are not alone!

The psychology of trading is the most important aspect of trading. However, it can affect traders in many ways, including stress, fatigue, anxiety, sleepless nights, FOMO and much more.

Of course, it's extremely important that you have a good trading plan and risk management, however, if you do not work on your psychology, it is almost inevitable that you will keep repeating the same mistakes whilst continuing to feel stressed and burnt out.


Meet the Trading Psychology Expert

(Dip Hyp DNLP GQHP GHRreg Dip Psych Dip. Mindfulness IAHT)

Louise Nonweiler is a multi award-winning clinical hypnotherapist, life coach and NLP practitioner, who understands the stress and challenges that traders experience.

Successfully helping hundreds of traders become consisent and profitable, through her professional 1-2-1 sessions and the Trading Mindset Programme (TMP), a programme which is changing the lives for many traders, Louise is extremely passionate and committed in helping traders reach their full potential.

She is an expert in the field of trading psychology and has a vast amount of trading experience and knowledge of the markets.



Trading Mindset and Motivation

There are regular videos for financial traders, which include educational and motivational videos, testimonials from the Trading Mindset Programme (TMP), as well as hypnosis and meditation videos.

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