Personalised Hypnosis Recordings

Hypnosis for Traders is now offering Professional and Personalised Hypnosis Recordings for Traders and Investors.

If you like the idea of using hypnosis to help you overcome your issues around trading, but are unable to arrange an appointment, then a Professional Hypnosis Recording is for you!

This will be your own bespoke hypnosis recording created for you, completely unique and tailored for your requirements. Please be reassured that listening to your hypnosis recording is completely safe to do so in your own environment. How and when you listen to your new recording will be discussed in the consultation.

Louise is a Multi Award-Winning Hypnotherapist who has successfully worked with many traders and investors over the years.
Professional and Personalised hypnosis recordings are £150. Payment is requested prior to your consultation.
If you would like to proceed then please follow these simple steps:

Step 1

To arrange a time for your consultation with Louise, which will either be over the phone or via Skype, please contact or call 07939 481 058. You will receive a response within 24 hours.

You may pay using Paypal or Bank Transfer. Please advise in your email or when calling how you wish to make payment.

Step 2

Once your consultation has been booked and paid for, you will receive a confirmation email with all relevant details on and any information required.

During the consultation, Louise will discuss the specific areas that need addressing, and the changes you would like to make. You will be able to ask any questions during this time, ensuring that you are receiving a recording that is specific for your requirements and expectations.

Step 3

Louise will then create your professional hypnosis MP3 recording, which will be emailed to you within 5 working days.


  • To ensure you receive maximum benefit from your download, it is recommend you listen to this for 3 weeks.
  • It is beneficial to listen to it in an environment where you will not be disturbed.
  • This should not be listened to whilst you are driving or operating any machinery.
  • Results may vary from person to person.



"Louise created an awesome hypnosis recording for me. I listened to it every night for 21 days, and within that time my trading mindset completely changed" Ben, California

"My recording was such a relaxing experience. Louise has a soothing voice that instantly relaxes you. As well as this, the results I made in weeks were remarkable" AB, London

"My day trading is the best it's ever been! Hypnosis absolutely works!" SO, Cambridge


Please note: If you wish to arrange 1-2-1 sessions with Louise via Skype or Zoom, then please email

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