There are numerous reasons why a person can struggle with trading.

Trading can be very isolating and challenging at times, and so it is important that you have the right mindset, if you are to succeed as a trader.

There are many benefits to trading; financial freedom, more time, and being able to work from anywhere in the World.

However, trading can also have a negative impact if you are struggling to see results and growth. It can affect your confidence and other areas of your life, including; relationships, sleep and finances.

Self-discipline and self control is vital if you are a trader. It is impossible to reach your full potential if you have limiting beliefs or fears when trading. If you are one of those people who holds onto that last losing trade, or imagines the worst case scenario, even before you place your next trade, then you are likely to continue on a self-destructive path.

Mindset And Psychology Help For Traders | Hypnosis For Traders


What - or, rather, who - can help turn a trader suffering from burn-out to a guy back in control, trading profitably every month? Find out about the power of hypnotherapy in this interview podcast with Nic Penrake and Louise Nonweiler.

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Common issues for traders

Fear of losing a trade

Timing and exiting trades

Too much pressure

Negative patterns

Bad decision making

Anxiety and stress

Irrational trading


Limiting beliefs

Fear of losing money

Fear of missing out

Lack of security

Hypnosis is an extremely effective therapy for traders.

Financial trading, like most things is at least 90% psychology. If a person has a limiting belief or is holding onto any fears, this can cause problems, not only when trading but in other areas of a persons life.

Because hypnosis works on a person's psychology, it can be very successful in helping a person to create great beliefs about themselves, and to eliminate any negative beliefs. It can also help to build a more positive mindset, where reaching your full potential and succeeding is second nature.

Hypnosis is a very natural and relaxing state to be in. In fact, we go in and out of hypnosis on a daily basis. It's that dream like state we experience.

Louise is extremely passionate and committed in helping her clients reach their full potential. So, it is important that each session is tailored specifically for every individual.

Louise uses a combination of life coaching and NLP in the sessions, as well as hypnosis. The combination of the three can be very powerful in helping a person see great change, in a short space of time.

Self-hypnosis is another valuable technique that Louise teaches her clients. This is explained in depth in the session, as well as providing reading material.


'You cannot control the markets, but you can control your emotions!'

Mindset And Psychology Help For Traders | Hypnosis For Traders
Mindset And Psychology Help For Traders | Hypnosis For Traders

Hypnotherapy can help with the following

Become more in control of your thoughts

Take control over your emotional state

Eliminate fears or limiting beliefs

Create new positive beliefs

Build confidence

Become more focused

Increase self-motivation

Create self-discipline

Make good decisions

Positive mindset

Create self-awareness

Feel more relaxed

Staying consistent