Skype sessions are convenient, safe and effective

Please note: Because of high demand, Louise can only see a limited number of clients at her practice in Oxfordshire.

Online hypnosis sessions are just as effective as face to face. All you require is a good internet connection.

Skype sessions can be held from anywhere in the world. It is just as effective as face to face. Louise has successfully worked with traders and investors all over the World, including, Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and Asia.

If you are not familiar with Skype, it is very easy to download and set up an account, free of charge.Should you require any assistance getting set up with Skype, then please do get in touch and you will be taken through the process.

Benefits of Skype Sessions

  • In the comfort of your own home
  • Travelling on business
  • Overseas Clients
  • Save time travelling
  • Avoid traffic and parking
  • Skype session from your office

Does Skype hypnosis work?

Absolutely! The only difference between face to face and Skype is that you are not in the same room. Everything else remains the same. The added benefit of Skype sessions is that you are in the comfort of your own home.

What if the connection drops out?

This is extremely rare. However, if this the connection does drop out on the Skype call, you will naturally wake up from hypnosis, where the session will continue.

Booking an appointment

Please call: +44 (0)7939 481 058 or email to arrange an initial consultation.


Please call +44 (0)7939 481 058, or email to discuss costs.


Please visit the session page for information.


Other issues Skype hypnosis can help with;