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Trading Mindset Programme in UK

The proven online trading psychology programme helping traders to become successful.


The price of the programme is now £429, instead of £549.

When you sign up to become a lifetime member, you will also receive 7 daily meditations

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Positive Feedback


Agreed the Programme is exceptional value


Noticed changes within the first week


The Trading Mindset Programme is a 24 week online audio programme which reaches EVERY aspect of Trading Psychology.

The programme was launched in 2020 and is changing the lives for so many traders, receiving 100% positive feedback from members who have joined.

It was created by Louise, Trading Psychology Expert and designed in collaboration with a team of professional traders around the world.

With lifetime access and on-going support, the programme designed for long-term successful results.

“Like many others, I wanted to become a successful trader—and quickly! But, I soon realized there’s so much more to trading psychology than I could’ve ever anticipated. After not being consistent for a very long time—even with a good trading strategy—I was on the verge of giving up but had given it so much time, tears, and effort so didn’t truly want to quit. I somehow came across Louise’s work and told my husband that I think this would be my last shot—to try hypnosis because I knew it was more about my psychology than anything. So, I met with Louise online and decided to start the Trading Mindset Programme. I seriously wish I would’ve done this when I first started training because listening to the audios has significantly helped me reframe my mindset towards trading.

If you’re on the fence, purchase the programme and put in the time to listen to the audios - you won’t regret it! The best part is you barely have to do anything. Just fall asleep listening to the recordings and you’ll notice a shift in your mindset!Thanks, Louise, for being devoted to helping traders and creating something that actually works!” - Lesley Comeau, Canada


Manage your emotions

Master your mindset

Change behaviours to supportive ones

Feel more relaxed in general

Gain consistency

Become more patience

Improve confidence & self-belief

Make better decisions

Have more focus and clarity

Attain a positive and optimistic mindset

Manage and accept losses

Become consistent and profitable

Trading Motivation


Lifetime Access

On-going support from Louise and her Team

100% Positive Feedback

Listen to each audio for 21 days for maximum benefit

24 week powerful programme

Works on EVERY aspect of Trading psychology

Doesn't even need to take time from your day as you can listen to the audios every night whilst going to sleep

Created by Trading Psychology Expert, Louise

Trading Psychology Help

"If you have had enough of making the same mistakes over and over, then without a doubt you need the Trading Mindset Programme"

Mike G, Kent UK


(2 x Monthly Payments of £250)


One payment


(4 x payments of £150)



Audio Podcast for Trading Mindset



In the audio guide Louise guides you through the programme.

What you will learn:

  • How and when to listen to the audios so that you receive maximum results
  • The best time to listen to the audios
  • How to use the programme
  • What is hypnosis and why is it so effective


Create Powerful and Positive Belief - 24 Week Lesson for Trading Psychology


AUDIO ONE: Duration: 31:26

This audio will help to eliminate any limiting beliefs, as well as create positive beliefs around your worth, potential, wealth and success.

  • Amplify your mindset to refocus and change your perception to a positive one
  • Create and attain great self-belief
  • Become the best version of you
  • Trade with a supportive attitude and mindset
  • Improve in all areas of your life
Online Trading Mindset Making Program


AUDIO TWO: Duration 35:40

This hypnosis audio will reframe old habits and behaviours, as well as help you create good and supportive behaviours when trading.

  • Gain better self-discipline
  • Become more patient
  • Less prone to boredom
  • Focused and in control
  • Learn how to control your emotions
  • Trade with confidence and clarity
  • Feel composed and calm
  • Trading Motivation
  • Attain a better trading mindset
Sucessful Trading Behvior Guide for Trading Psychology


AUDIO THREE: Duration 35:56

The most common fears for traders are, FOMO (The fear of missing out), the fear of losing money, the fear of failure, and even the fear of success (If you have limiting beliefs!).

Fear can cause havoc. Overtrading, revenge trading, or fearful to execute a trade are common.

This powerful hypnosis audio CAN help to reduce and even eliminate fears and self-doubt, so that you are able to trade with focus, clarity, a clear mind and be in control of your emotions.

It can assist in gaining better self-control and inner strength and resilience.

How to Improve Confidance and Self Belief


AUDIO FOUR: Duration: 34:08

Confidence and self-belief are both vital to have if you are a trader.

This powerful audio supercharges your confidence and self-belief. Your determination and motivation will increase as well as your potential. It can align you energetically, mentally, and emotionally.

  • Gain strong self-control and inner strength and resilience.
  • Become more confident in yourself and ability as a trader
  • Attain an optimistic mindset
  • Reduce the self-doubt
  • Better decision making
  • Confident in executing trades
  • Perfecting timing when trading
  • Feeling more calm and reassured
  • Trading Motivation
How to Gain Emotional Control in Trading?


AUDIO FIVE: Duration 30:00

With this relaxing audio, you can learn how to develop full control over your emotions when trading.

This audio is designed to help build inner strength and resilience, guiding you to feel more relaxed and grounded

  • Help you to deal with trading challenges, including losses and market volatility.
  • Become more in control
  • Manage your emotions better
  • Able to wait patiently for set ups
  • Good risk management
  • Reduce FOMO
  • Feel more relaxed in general
  • Positive trading mindset
Eliminate Fear and Self Doubt - - 24 Week Lesson for Trading Psychology


AUDIO SIX: Duration: 30:16

This audio can train your subconscious mind, enabling you to become a successful and consistent trader. With positive and guided suggestions and visualisation, this audio can amplify your trading with complete confidence, a clear mind and with 100% focus.

This powerful audio projects you into the future where you have created the life you desire.

  • Feel more focused when trading
  • Super charge your confidence and self-belief
  • Gain strong self-discipline
  • Learn how to stay on track with your plan and goals
  • Find it easy to stick to your rules and strategy
  • Perfecting trading times (executing and exiting)
  • Easily able to detach emotionally and mentally when you're not trading
How to become a master of Trading in US?


AUDIO SEVEN: Duration 30:16

Master trading with this all-powerful audio. It can help you to reprogramme your subconscious mind, enabling you to become a competent and profitable trader.

  • Step into your mastery as a trader
  • Excel in your trading performance
  • Eliminate ALL negativity, including self-doubt
  • Feel guidance on a way forward in trading
  • Gain certainty and trust in your trading ability
  • Take great action with confidence and courage
  • Become a Profitable and Successful Trader
  • Become the small percentage who succeed long-term
  • Trading motivation and mindset
Learn Self Hypnosis


AUDIO EIGHT: Duration 17:00

Self-hypnosis is an amazing technique to learn and practice.

In this audio, Louise guides you through the self-hypnosis technique, so that you can practice this in your everyday life.

The self-hypnosis technique has been around for thousands of years, and is used for a variety of things, including, manifestation, letting go of old habits and behaviours, creating a more positive mindset, building inner peace and more.

You can learn this technique and specifically tailor the practice to YOU!

hypnosis for traders in USA


AUDIO NINE: Duration: 35:05

Louise teaches you self-hypnosis whilst you are in hypnosis. So, you know the technique on a conscious level, you will now learn this technique on a subconscious level (whilst in hypnosis.

The combination is extremely effective and can help you to gain better clarity and focus when practising this technique.

You can sit back and relax to this soothing hypnosis audio which guides you to a calm place, and at the same time let the suggestions go deep into the subconscious.


Guide for Profitable Trading in United State.

BONUS AUDIO ONE: Duration 50:49 (includes 15 minutes of relaxation music at the end of the audio)

Listen to this hypnosis audio to Super charge your mind to becoming a consistent and profitable trader.

Consistency is key to trading. This hypnosis will work on your discipline, consistency and development as a trader, so that you become successful and profitable.

Mind and Body Relaxation Guide for Traders


BONUS AUDIO TWO: Duration: 35:05

This complete relaxation hypnosis audio is a great way to relax and unwind after a day of trading.

It works with the subconscious part of your mind to help you relax and release any stress and tension. It is a mind and body cleanse to help you find inner calm and balance.

How to Create Wealth in Trading?


BONUS AUDIO THREE: Duration: 54:49 (This includes 15 minutes of relaxation music at the end of the audio)

Hypnosis is powerful to believe in yourself, eliminate limiting beliefs about money, wealth and worth.

This audio will help to shift all negative beliefs around your money blueprint, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs. It will amplify your perception around what you can achieve, help you tap into your infinite potential, make better decisions around money and trading.



(2 x payments of £300)


One payment


(4 x payments of £150)


"Just wanted to drop a line and tell you how grateful I am to have found you and your work!!  It has been a literal mind sweep for me:-))  I started listening about 5 months ago and have gotten through all of the sessions and once again, all I can say is WOW!!  

I was thrilled when I ran across your site.  I meditate on a regular basis but knew I needed something that I could fall asleep to....(the very best time to introduce anything to your subconscious mind is when you first wake and upon falling asleep) now when I hear:  Do not listen to this recording whilst driving or operating machinery.....I can be assured that the rest to follow is like salve to my soul:)))) I highly recommend this program to anyone (new or experienced) who is trading.  TYTYTY again for all you have done, have been a Godsend."

       Briana Weaver, USA

“The Trading Mindset Programme is like nothing else out there.

For years I was desperate. Trading futures was a constant battle. I felt alone and a failure. I knew it was my emotions that caused this, I just couldn't find a way forward.

Any trader who is having a hard time needs to get this programme.“

James K, Dorset UK

“When I first started the program I had an open mind as this was my last shot. Over those coming weeks things started to change for me. Instead of waking up dreading the day, I felt a lot more optimistic and focused. Within a month my bad behaviors had shifted. I wasn't revenge trading anymore and I finally had control over my trading. I finished the whole program remaining committed throughout. I am very glad I did.”

Dwayne, USA

“I went from being scared to look at the charts to having great confidence. My bad habits disappeared and I learnt how to believe in myself so much more. The recordings were very relaxing to listen to and on top of this I am now trading daily with consistent results!“

Peter M, Derby UK

"If you are looking for results in your trading then this is the programme for you! Louise knows exactly what traders go through, the negative mindset and the sheer frustration. The great news is, this programme covers everything and more. This is a fantastic investment for any trader out there."

Mike D, London

"When Louise told me she was creating this program I got excited! Louise and I worked together in the past. I knew this was going to be a success because she knows exactly what difficulties traders face day to day. She is top of her game and this is just awesome. I highly recommend this to every trader!"

Carl Jenkins, San Diego

"I had been searching for something like this since day one. Results from listening to this ... Outstanding"

Patrick F, Dublin

“This covered everything I was hoping it would. Within a short time I noticed a huge difference in not only the way I was trading, also in different areas of my life. I feel a lot calmer and am able to deal with daily stress and worries. Thanks!“

Malcolm S, London

“I am so happy I found this. It was the missing piece to my trading"

Les D, Ireland

"I endured failure after failure until finally I had had enough and looked to find professional help. Thats when I found the Trader Mindset Program. Not only has it helped me overcome some serious mindset and self belief flaws in trading, but in general life as well. Anxiety and stress have reduced significantly whilst trading which now allows me to see past my own internal battle, so I can focus more clearly on the market and the job at hand. Within 6 months of starting the course I have managed to achieve a goal that previously, I have spent years trying to achieve to no avail"
James K, UK
Hypnosis for Traders in London City
Best Trading Psychology Lacture in UK


"My mission is to help traders overcome their mindset and emotional challenges, so that they become consistent and successful"

The Trading Mindset Programme was created by Louise Nonweiler, a Trading Psychology Coach and multi award-winning clinical hypnotherapist.

She is also the Founder of Hypnosis for Traders and the co-host of the Trading Mindset Podcast.

Louise is passionate about helping traders succeed, and has extensive knowledge of trading and the markets.


  • Hypnotherapy Professional of the Year 2022 (Prestige Awards)
  • CEO Today Business Woman of the Year Award 2022
  • CEO Global Awards Entrepreneur (CEO Today) 2022
  • Hypnotherapist of the Year (Prestige Awards UK) 2021
  • Most Influential Woman in Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching 2021 - UK (Acquistion International)
  • Business Women of the Year 2021 (CEO Today Magazine)
  • CEO Today Magazine Global Award 2021
  • Business Women of the Year Awards 2020 (CEO Today Magazine)
  • CEO Today Global Award for 2020
  • CEO United Kingdom Award for 2019 (CEO Today Magazine)
  • Global Business Award 2019 (CEO Healthcare)
  • European Business Award 2018 (CEO Today)
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist of the Year 2018 (Business Excellence Award)
  • Most Inspirational Life Coach 2017 (Business Excellence Award)
  • Award for Alternative Therapy 2017 (Business Excellence Award)
  • Most Outstanding Life Coach 2016 (AI Excellence Award)
  • Business Women of the Year Awards 2020 (CEO Today Magazine)
  • Life Coach of the Year for 2019 (London Prestige Awards)
  • European Business Award 2019 (CEO Today)

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding any of the programmes, or to find out ore about trading psychology help, then please contact Louise and her team. They will be more that happy to assist and offer professional guidance.

Guarantee Policy

While the programme is non-refundable, we encourage you to ask any questions you may have through an in-depth consultation, before you make this investment of a lifetime.

 Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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