Are you struggling with trading?

Do you feel frustrated?

Are you fearful when trading?

Do your emotions take over?


If so, then the Trading Mindset Programme is for you!

What is the Trading Mindset Programme?

The Trading Mindset Programme works on the psychology of trading. It works on every aspect of trading, including; creating self-belief and a more positive mindset, builds strong emotional control, develops self-discipline, helps to maintain focus, and much more.

This very unique and powerful programme was created by Louise Nonweiler, a multi-award winning hypnotherapist and life coach, and designed by herself and a team of professional traders.

The programme runs for 20 weeks to ensure long term results.

It has been specifically designed to help you become a successful trader.

12 month access to the programme

What the programme involves

Audio Guide: This audio covers everything that you need to know about the programme.

Seven Professional Hypnosis Audios: Created by multi award-winning hypnotherapist and life coach Louise. These audios include a combination of hypnosis, coaching and powerful visualisations.

Bonus Track: Financial Abundance audio.

Audio Guide

The audio guide explains the following;

What is hypnotherapy and why it can be so successful for traders.

How to use the audios in this programme.

Why the programme is designed for long-term success.

Professional Audios


Beliefs shape our lives. This audio can help to eliminate any limiting beliefs, as well as creating new and positive beliefs, and can assist you in creating great results in your trading, and as a trader. (Duration 31:26 mins)


Negative behaviours can easily be reversed with hypnosis, as well as creating new and positive behaviours and habits around trading. It can teach you to gain complete self-discipline and self-control, which is important for traders, as well as developing a positive mental attitude. (Duration 35:40 mins)


This audio can reverse fears around trading. Traders experience many fears. The most common fears are the fear of losing money, the fear of missing out on opportunities and the fear of failure. This audio can project you to move forward with absolute confidence, focus and trust. It assists you in feeling more relaxed and composed so that you are able to focus better with every trade. (Duration 35:56 mins)


Self-belief is vital if you are to become a successful trader. This powerful audio super charges your confidence and self-belief. Your determination and motivation will increase as well as your potential. It can align you energetically, mentally and emotionally. (Duration 34:08 mins)


With this relaxing audio, you can learn how to develop full control over your emotions when trading and as a trader. Emotions can take over when trading, causing frustration and even despair. This audio is designed to help build inner strength and resilience, guiding you to feel more relaxed and grounded, and helping you to deal with and challenges, including losses and market volatility.  (Duration 30:00 mins)


This audio can train your subconscious mind into becoming a very successful and consistent trader. Trading with complete confidence, a clear mind and with 100% focus, this powerful audio contains positive suggestions and visualisations, projecting you into the future when you have created the life you desire. (Duration 33:16 mins)


Master trading with this all-powerful audio. It helps to reprogramme your subconscious mind in becoming a competent and profitable trader. This audio is a great combination of coaching, hypnosis and visualisations in order to help you become your best self. (Duration 24:21 mins)


This audio works with the subconscious part of your mind in order to help you attract more wealth and prosperity. It can change your money blueprint in positive ways, shifting old limiting beliefs around money. (Duration 19:09 mins)

How the programme can help

Manage your emotions

Increase confidence

Gain complete focus

Create new positive beliefs

Transform your attitude towards trading

Stop over trading

Gain inner strength and resilience

Develop self-discipline and self-control

More determined and driven

Master your mindset

Become a consistent and profitable trader

Develop a more positive mindset

Learn ultimate patience

Eliminate bad behaviours

Great decision making

Deal with losses and market volatility

Success Stories

Nilton Fernandez talks about his experience with the Trading Mindset Programme

I would like to proceed. What do I do now?

Congratulations on taking this step!

If you have any questions regarding the Trading Mindset Programme,
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Trading Mindset Programme £349

When Louise told me she was creating this program I got excited! Louise and I worked together in the past. I knew this was going to be a success because she knows exactly what difficulties traders face day to day. She is top of her game and this programme is just awesome. I highly recommend this to every trader!

Carl Jenkins, San Diego US

If you are looking for results in your trading then this is the programme for you! Louise knows exactly what traders go through, the negative mindset and the sheer frustration. The great news is, this programme covers everything and more. This is a fantastic investment for any trader out there.

Mike D, London UK

This program will not disappoint. I was unsure at first but after reading the reviews I decided to take a chance. Boy am I glad I did. A big thanks!

Steve K, Atlanta US

If you have had enough of making the same mistakes over and over, then without a doubt you need the Trading Mindset Programme.

Mike G, Kent UK

Mindset And Psychology Help For Traders | Hypnosis For Traders

Louise is extremely passionate and committed in helping traders reach their full potential.

Multi award-winning hypnotherapist and life coach Louise is based in the UK.

Louise has worked with hundreds of traders, helping them with their psychology and mindset around trading. She has a vast amount of knowledge of the markets and trading, as well as holding a diploma in financial trading and attending numerous trading courses and financial trading talks over the years.

The combination of Louise's extensive knowledge of trading, and expertise in the field of hypnotherapy and coaching is designed for long term success for clients.

Please read the article below from one of Louise's clients, writing about their positive experience.

More success stories


The Trading Mindset Programme £349

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