Trading Mindset Programme (TMP)


You are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated because you know exactly what you are meant to be doing, but fears are taking over, leading to irrational decision making.

You have read every self-help book out there, but you're still struggling with your mindset and emotions when trading.

You have invested so much energy and time into trading, and you're still making losses.

You keep repeating the same old patterns and are seeing the same negative results.

You have a fear of missing out (FOMO).

Trading is starting to affect other areas of your life.

Master Your Mind to Master Trading

Have You Ever Heard This?

  • “I am overwhelmed. I know what I must do, but irrational decisions and fear are holding me down.”
  • “This might not be worth it. I have invested my life into trading, yet I have almost nothing to show for it.”
  • “I have tried everything. I have read every self-help book, yet I am plagued by negative emotions.”

What Will The Trading Mindset Progamme do for You?

Have you ever considered the psychology behind successful trading?

You may have a great strategy, good risk management, and you might have unparalleled knowledge – but can you apply that to your mind and yield returns?

The Trading Mindset Programme is the key to your success.

The programme will allow you to achieve great consistent results as a financial trader and become one of the 10% who succeed long-term.

With this powerful 24-week audio programme, created by multi award-winining clinical hypnotherapist and life coach, Louise, who is also a trading psychology expert, you are guaranteed amazing results.

Just watch and read the many success stories from traders all over the world, who have become lifetime members.

Just wanted to drop a line and tell you how grateful I am to have found you and your work!!  It has been a literal mind sweep for me:-))  I started listening about 5 months ago and have gotten through all of the sessions and once again, all I can say is WOW!!  I was thrilled when I ran across your site.  I meditate on a regular basis but knew I needed something that I could fall asleep to....(the very best time to introduce anything to your subconscious mind is when you first wake and upon falling asleep) now when I hear:  Do not listen to this recording whilst driving or operating machinery.....I can be assured that the rest to follow is like salve to my soul:))))

I highly recommend this program to anyone (new or experienced) who is trading.  TYTYTY again for all you have done, have been a Godsend.
Briana Weaver, USA

Trading Mindset Programme Membership

(Five monthly payments of £225)

Trading Mindset Programme Membership

(Three monthly payments of £350)

Trading Mindset Programme Membership

(One payment of £997)

What is Trading Psychology?

You have invested time and money into education and training but have not yet considered the psychology of trading.

You may be confused about what to do next ...

Please take a look at the presentation as it will give you more of an insight on trading challenges, more importantly, how you can become that consistent and profitable trader. 

Your Life Prior to the Trading Mindset Programme

  • Repeating the same behaviours and patterns and seeing the same negative results
  • Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated
  • Losing money and blowing accounts
  • Affecting other areas of your life, such as relationships, sleep and even health
  • Feeling burnt out and stressed
  • Feeling like a failure

What Your Life Can Look Like After the Trading Mindset Programme

  • Create self-discipline and self control
  • Manage your emotions
  • Increase confidence
  • Gain complete focus
  • Create new positive beliefs
  • Transform your attitude towards trading
  • Stop over trading
  • Gain inner strength and resilience
  • Become more determined and driven
  • Master your mindset
  • Become a consistent and profitable trader
  • Develop a more positive mindset
  • Learn ultimate patience
  • Eliminate bad behaviours
  • Great decision making
  • Deal with losses and market volatility

Success Story from Alex Heslop

Alex talks about his positive experience with hypnosis and the Trading Mindset Programme, and how it helped him to feel more relaxed in general and becoming more consistent and profitable as a trader.

Success Story from Shope

Shope from London talks about how the programme helped him to get to the next level as a trader. Already consistent and profitable, Shope reached great new heights after becoming a member.

Success Story from Jenny

Jenny discusses her journey as a member of the Trading Mindset Programme, and how within a short space of time she went from feeling stressed out to enjoying trading once again.

The programme helped her to relax, make the right decisions, and eliminate bad trading behaviours and negativity.


“When I first started the program I had an open mind as this was my last shot. Over those coming weeks things started to change for me. Instead of waking up dreading the day, I felt a lot more optimistic and focused. Within a month my bad behaviors had shifted. I wasn't revenge trading anymore and I finally had control over my trading. I finished the whole program remaining committed throughout. I am very glad I did.”

Dwayne, USA

“When I first started the program I had an open mind as this was my last shot. Over those coming weeks things started to change for me. Instead of waking up dreading the day, I felt a lot more optimistic and focused. Within a month my bad behaviors had shifted. I wasn't revenge trading anymore and I finally had control over my trading. I finished the whole program remaining committed throughout. I am very glad I did.”

Dwayne, USA


“The Trading Mindset Programme is like nothing else out there. For years I was desperate. Trading futures was a constant battle. I felt alone and a failure. I knew it was my emotions that caused this, I just couldn't find a way forward. Researching the internet one evening I came across the website. I purchased it right away and started listening to it for the next couple of months. I was bowled over by the changes I experienced. Any trader who is having a hard time needs to get this programme.“

James K, Dorset UK

Trading Mindset Programme Membership

(Five monthly payments of £225)

Trading Mindset Programme Membership

(Three monthly payments of £350)

Trading Mindset Programme Membership

(One payment of £997)

Success Story from Pavel

Pavel shares how just once month into the programme, he has better focus, is feeling more positive and optimistic about going forward.

He was pleased to initially find the Trading Mindset Programme, as the combination of hypnosis and meditation works well for him.


Success Story from L'Sean

L'Sean from New York shares his positive experience with hypnosis sessions and then joining the Trading Mindset Programme.

He went from feeling nervous and anxious when trading, to feeling more in control, confident and placing better trades.

Please watch the video for the whole story.

Success Story from Bo

Bo from the US, explains the importance of the psychology of trading.

He joined the programme and within a few weeks started to see very good results. It has been essential in his trading performance and journey and has also made a positive impact in other areas of his life.

Mindset And Psychology Help For Traders


(Duration 11:00)

In the audio guide, Louise walks you through your programme. She explains how and when to use the programme in order to receive maximum benefit, what hypnosis is, and why it is so successful for traders.

You receive all the information you need in this audio guide. However, Louise also offers on-going support throughout your programme.

AUDIO ONE: Create Powerful and Positive Beliefs

(Duration 31:26)

Beliefs are what shape us and our lives. If a person has a limiting belief, or beliefs, for example, that they do not feel good enough or worthy, this can prevent them from reaching their full potential. It can even cause self-destructive behaviours. Limiting beliefs for traders can have an extremely negative impact.

This audio will help to eliminate any limiting beliefs, as well as creating new positive beliefs around your worth, potential and wealth and success. This audio has been proven to be extremely powerful for traders.

This hypnosis audio can also help in all areas, for example, relationships, personal growth and development, and wealth.

AUDIO TWO: Create Successful Behaviours

(Duration 35:40)

  • This audio will eliminate negative behaviours as a trader, and even other areas of your life. It can assist in creating great self-discipline and self-control, which is important for traders, as well as developing a positive mental attitude.

    Changes can be fast because hypnosis works directly with the subconscious part of the mind, which is where we hold our beliefs, behaviours, habits and much more.

    The positive changes from hypnosis can be life-changing and natural, meaning that you do not even need to make a conscious effort to see or make any changes. This is one of the many benefits of hypnosis.

AUDIO THREE: Eliminate Fears and Self-Doubt

(Duration 35:56)

  • Fear is a common emotion for traders. Trading can cause fears, leading to irrational decision making. When we are in a state of fear or panic, we are not in the right mindset to make good decisions.

    The most common fears for traders are, FOMO (The fear of missing out), the fear of losing money, the fear of failure, and even the fear of success (If you have limiting beliefs!).

    For traders, fear can cause havoc. Overtrading, revenge trading, fearful to execute a trade are common actions, or reactions!

    Hypnosis CAN change this. It can help to reduce and even eliminate fears and self-doubt, so that you are able to trade with focus, clarity, a clear mind and feeling in control of your emotions.

    This powerful hypnosis audio can reverse ALL fears around trading. It can assist in gaining better self-control and inner strength and resilience.

AUDIO FOUR: Improve Confidence & Self-Belief

(Duration 34:08)

  • Self-belief is one of the most important things we can have in our lives. If we have strong self-belief this can help up to achieve anything in our lives. If we do not have good self-belief, this can hold us back from reaching our full potential.

    Confidence and self-belief are both vital to have if you are a trader. This powerful audio supercharges your confidence and self-belief. Your determination and motivation will increase as well as your potential. It can align you energetically, mentally, and emotionally.

AUDIO FIVE: Attain Emotional Strength and Control

(Duration 30:00)

  • Emotions, or lack of emotional control when trading is a huge problem for traders. Emotions can take over when trading, causing frustration and even despair. 

    With this relaxing audio, you can learn how to develop full control over your emotions when trading. This audio is designed to help build inner strength and resilience, guiding you to feel more relaxed and grounded and help you to deal with trading challenges, including losses and market volatility.

AUDIO SIX: Develop A Positive Trading Mindset

(Duration 33:16)

  • This audio can train your subconscious mind, enabling you to become a successful and consistent trader. With positive and guided suggestions and visualisation, this audio can amplify your trading with complete confidence, a clear mind and with 100% focus.

    This powerful audio projects you into the future where you have created the life you desire.

AUDIO SEVEN: Become A Master of Trading

(Duration 24:21)

  • Master trading with this all-powerful audio. It can help you to reprogramme your subconscious mind, enabling you to become a competent and profitable trader. This audio is a great combination of coaching, hypnosis and visualisations to help you become your best self.

AUDIO EIGHT: Learn The Powerful Technique of Self-Hypnosis

(Duration 17:00)

  • Self-hypnosis is an amazing technique to learn and practice. In this audio, Louise guides you through the self-hypnosis technique, so that you can practice this in your everyday life.

    The self-hypnosis technique has been around for thousands of years, and is used for a variety of things, including, manifestation, letting go of old habits and behaviours, creating a more positive mindset, building inner peace and more.

AUDIO NINE: Learn Self-Hypnosis Subconsciously (During Hypnosis)

(Duration 35:05)

  • Louise teaches you self-hypnosis whilst you are in hypnosis. So, you know the technique on a conscious level, you will now learn this technique on a subconscious level (whilst in hypnosis). The combination is extremely effective and can help you to gain better clarity and focus when practising this technique.

BONUS AUDIO: Mind and Body Relaxation

(Duration 18:02)

  • This complete relaxation hypnosis audio is a great way to relax and unwind after a day of trading.

    It works with the subconscious part of your mind to help you relax and release any stress and tension. It is a mind and body cleanse to help you find inner calm and balance.

"The audios are soooo soothing and relaxing. My sleep improved whilst I was using the mindset audios and without fail I used to wake every morning feeling GREAT! Oh, and of course I excelled as a trader and investor. Highly, highly recommend"

Sally O

Chicago US

Trading Mindset Programme Membership

(One payment of £997)

Trading Mindset Programme Membership

(Three monthly payments of £350)

Trading Mindset Programme Membership

(Five monthly payments of £225)

"Within a few weeks my account grew 20%"

Dale S, Wales UK


"My mission is to help traders overcome their mindset and emotional challenges, so that they become consistent and successful"

My name is Louise Nonweiler, clinical psychotherapist, life coach and NLP practitioner. I am a specialist in the field of trading psychology

With me by your side, I will help you overcome your mindset and emotional challenges, so that you can overcome all challenges and become a successful trader. This has been my sole passion for a long time.

I am the founder of Hypnosis for Traders, the official creator of the Trading Mindset Programme, and a co-host of the Trading Mindset podcast.

You can change your life for the better, starting now!





  • Hypnotherapist of the Year (Prestige Awards UK) 2021
  • Most Influential Woman in Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching 2021 - UK (Acquistion International)
  • Business Women of the Year 2021 (CEO Today Magazine)
  • CEO Today Magazine Global Award 2021
  • Business Women of the Year Awards 2020 (CEO Today Magazine)
  • CEO Today Global Award for 2020
  • Life Coach of the Year for 2019 (London Prestige Awards)
  • CEO United Kingdom Award for 2019 (CEO Today Magazine)
  • European Business Award 2019 (CEO Today)
  • Global Business Award 2019 (CEO Healthcare)
  • European Business Award 2018 (CEO Today)
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist of the Year 2018 (Business Excellence Award)
  • Most Inspirational Life Coach 2017 (Business Excellence Award)
  • Award for Alternative Therapy 2017 (Business Excellence Award)
  • Most Outstanding Life Coach 2016 (AI Excellence Award)

                            Nic Penrake talks about the quick changes he received when joining the programme.

“I went from being scared to look at the charts to having great confidence. My bad habits disappeared and I learnt how to believe in myself so much more. The recordings were very relaxing to listen to and on top of this I am now trading daily with consistent results!“

Peter M, Derby UK

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